Corey is a professional who provides comfort to address your aches and pains. He treats with you with the utmost respect and you leave his office feeling invigorated. He provides knowledgeable post treatment exercises and stretching that enhances your session. He is a wealth of knowledge and continues to keep current with different techniques.

Marlene Legault

I have known Corey for many years when he started out as my client seeing me for massage after an accident. He is very talented and professional. His level of care and concern for his clients is something I seldom see.
He is passionate about his craft, and always on a quest for more knowledge. Many of my family members see him, and we are a picky bunch as we want an effective massage that helps release pain. I am thrilled to see him open his new clinic. I told him right from the start after my first massage with him, that he will be successful no matter where he works. 

Annette Murphy

Corey has a great deal of knowledge about the body and tailors every massage to your own individual requirements. He is friendly but also highly professional - I would definitely recommend him!!

Karen Powley

 I have neglected my back and neck for a couple years. In my line of work I am always bent over. I was getting regular headaches and began to have pain in my shoulder, down into my arm and hand. I was nervous about getting a massage because in the past massages hurt and felt bruised for days after. 
Corey was fantastic! Very knowledgeable, passionate about what he does and professional. He listened to my needs and fears and applied the perfect pressure. He also educated me on my pain. 
I left my massage with no pain and more movement in my neck, shoulders and upper back that I haven’t had in years. That and I had such a restful sleep last night. 
Thank you Rene and Corey for the excellent service! Your clinic is a hidden gem. I will be sure to come back and refer you to everyone I know!

Jennifer Ralph

Since I have found Cory all my aches and pains have gone away!  
He has a genuine concern about his patients and is truly a miracle worker of sorts. Often I tease him about voo-doo (mainly because I have no idea why he is doing the things he does) because I can walk in dying of pain only to leave feeling way better.  
And got a personalized call the next day to make sure that I was ok with an offer to open if I was still in rough shape! Who does that?! Cory!!!! That’s who! 
Hours are amazing. They are flexible and have direct billing which I love!!!
I highly recommend him to anyone for a massage or a therapeutic massage!  
I will go no where else!!!

Jenny England

Corey skills are exceptional. He is very thorough when it comes to dealing with difficult issues of the body. He surpasses industry expectations. He goes deeper and locates the cause of muscle and joint issues and resolves the pain. He is knowledgeable, friendly, calming and a pleasure to work with. He is the only massage therapist that I trust to work on me. Many years ago, I was badly injured after being hit by a semi and Corey has helped me greatly.

Laura Madsen

Corey Darling is an amazing and educated massage therapist. He provides exemplary patient care and professionalism.

Cheryl Deonurine

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